About Tim Casey

Tim began his journey with acupuncture in the 1980s when he was injured in a fall that left him unable to walk. It was acupuncture that took away the pain and allowed the tissue to heal and got him back on his feet. This experience was to be a profound, motivating force that led Tim to pursue acupuncture training at a high level. Tim has lived and worked in Dunedin, in the field of Acupuncture, for more than 14 years.   


Tim originally trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the Australian Collage of Natural Medicine (ACNM) in Brisbane, Australia, graduating in 1996 after 4 years full time study with a Diploma of Applied Science in Acupuncture. While working as an acupuncturist after graduation in Brisbane, Tim became interested in Japanese style acupuncture; in particular, the acupuncture treatment protocols of Dr. Yoshi Manaka.  (Within Acupuncture there are many styles to follow; not all, but most use TCM as their basis). 

Tim gained a post graduate certificate in 1999 in Dr. Manaka's treatment protocols. Tim explains: "I like Japanese acupuncture for its gentle approach.  The Japanese influence on acupuncture technology has been to miniaturise and specialise equipment and to develop techniques that fine tune the body, mind, spirit without causing pain.  I also enjoy the fact that the Japanese insist on pouring over and referring to the Chinese Medical classics of which there are three main texts written between 3500 and 2500 years ago."   


Tim's interest was sparked to also study Toyohari (East Asian needle therapy) in Tokyo, Japan where he was to expand his acupuncture knowledge as taught by the blind (Japan has a 700 year old history of encouraging the training of non sighted practitioners of Acupuncture due to their heightened sense of touch).   As he explains: "the Japanese masters trained me to see not with my eyes, but with my hands. Many body-work therapists do this, however these techniques give me a way to diagnosis and treat what I find under my finger tips".


Tim continues to pursue acupuncture studies and practical trainings; most recently travelling back to Brisbane and Sydney to absorb the teachings of one of Dr Manaka's proteges, Kiiko Matsumoso. 


It is Tim's opinion there is no health related issue that cannot be treated by acupuncture.   "If the condition can not be treated directly, then it is always possible to treat symptoms surrounding the condition."


Historically The World Health Organisation has listed over 40 different conditions that can be successfully treated with acupuncture.  Currently there is more quality research opening the world's eyes to the powerful healing benefits of acupuncture.


Tim can be contacted via the Book page of this website, as well as for online bookings, or to ask any health related questions.